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Membership Discounts

DoubleFish Balls

Looking to make a bulk purchase order for some balls? Why not get some Doublefish 3* balls! Doublefish is offering NCTTA school members a discounted price of $90 ($95 for Canadians due to shipping charges) for 100 balls. These premium 3* poly balls will be identical to the ones used in our NCTTA 2015-16 season, get a head start with some multi-ball training today!

USATT Membership Discounts For NCTTA Graduates

NCTTA has recently teamed with USA Table Tennis to create a special opportunity where recent NCTTA grads can take advantage of a 2-year USATT membership for 62 percent off of the regular price. Yes, you read that right 62% off. USATT membership is the best way to stay involved with table tennis after graduation. So take advantage of this great deal! Read all about it at: NCTTA takes care of its alumni hoping that they then will return the favor to their collegiate clubs by donating their time or money or both to keep programs and teams alive.